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Work with us

If you are interested in collaborating with us please fill the contact form provided here.
Your application and collaboration proposal will automatically be saved into our database. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

We are a web & social media marketing agency

We focus on language and communication: we carefully think about which message to convey and how to shape it in the best form.

If you like what we do,please feel free to send us your CV.

We expect you to be someone who likes working within an environment that promotes mutual respect and a serious work ethics.

What can you expect from us

  • An email confirming the reception of your portfolio and CV;
  • Your name, portfolio and CV being inserted in our database.
    If you send these in more than one occasion, our database will be updated with the latest information you provided.

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    Professional roles

    Here are the professional figures we are considering and some reasons underpinning the selection process:

    • Junior / Senior Accounts: If you deal with customer acquisition and management you can send us your CV. Please specify what your strengths are, but do not forget to tell us also about your weaknesses;
    • App developers: We are planning to expand our offer to include app development. If you are an Android or iOS developer, please come ahead;
    • Art directors: if you trained or worked as an art director, please tell us everything about you!
    • Copywriters: every campaign needs someone who is able to find the right words, that’s why we may need your expertise;
    • Data Analysts: data analysis is everything today. If you have gained experience in data analysis please submit your CV and do not forget to tell us about the tools you are most familiar with;
    • Photographers: if you are a photographer please send us your portfolio or some pictures that tell us about your style. We don’t deal only with advertising: at times we turn our room into a space for cultural events (exhibitions, books presentations and photographic projects) so please let us know about your work;
    • Graphics: if you are specialized in Graphic Design, creating logos or editorial graphics, that’s the menu entry to select;
    • Hair Stylists: are you a hair-stylist? Submit your portfolio.
    • Illustrators: we like people who make use of brushes and colours (physical or digital). If you are an illustrator please let us know about your work;
    • Models: please send us your CV and your composite.
    • MUA: if you deal with make-up, please send us your portfolio.
    • Post-producers: along with your CV, remember to attach two or three examples of post-production;
    • Producers: submit here your CV if you are dealing with production within the creative world. If you have planning skills, a calm attitude and are able to cope effectively with unforeseen events, please come forward;
    • SEO Specialists: a piece of text must be contextualised. If the text is conceived to be released on the web it must be properly written, that’s why CVs of SEO specialists are welcome!
    • Set Designer / Scenographers: to create a scenography requires expertise. If you have gained experience as a scenographer please let us know about your work and abilities;
    • Social Media Manager: social media require a lot of dedication. In fact, nowadays this is a job of its own. When submitting your CV, please specify how you think you can manage social media;
    • Videomaker: if you are a videomaker please send us your CV and share with us a channel where we can find your previous works;
    • Web content: if you’re writing for the web you can upload your CV. It would be ideal to send one or two short texts so that we can get an idea about your style;
    • Web developer: as a web agency, we build websites. Submit your CV under this menu entry if you have working experience with html, java, php and other relevant languages;
    • Other: if you don’t find a relevant menu entry but you think your experience and training can add value to Loomen Studio, please tell us about what you do and how you could make the difference at Loomen Studio!