Web development & eCommerce

Web development

Web design and development, study of the optimal UX for your users target.

GDPR Compliance (EU Regulation 2016/679)

Goal: web positioning, products and services visibility increase.


eCommerce development, user experience, social media sales channels integration.

GDPR Compliance (EU Regulation 2016/679)

Goal: products online sales, potential buyers increase.


Search Engine Optimization: optimization of websites for search engines.

Goal: reach a greater number of potential customers through search engine searches and conversions increase (sales of products or services).

Tracking & Analysis

Data traffic analysis, permanence and conversion on specific goals (like sales or purchases after the first one).

Goal: user experience optimization achieving better results on the brand’s leading products.

Content production and editing

Site management

Website management, eCommerce, blogs, content and products editing.

Technical and security updates; operation monitoring.

Goal: keep the contents updated, increase the users engagement.

Text content

Content editing, keywords search, choosing the right tone of voice for your audience.
Text editing and SEO optimization.

Goal: improve rankings on specific keywords, create quality content for your customers.

Visual content

Get higher rankings and increase search visibility, find the right balance between SEO and PPC campaigns.

Goal: get higher and relevant positions on specific keywords

Integration of social media channels

Products catalogue integration into social media sales channels.

Goal: increase conversions on eCommerce

Mobile development

Requirements analysis

Requirements analysis and identification of components and functionalities.

Goal: write a documentation plan, a technical document

App design, UI & UX

User interface design and optimization, wireframe design.

Goal: design a functional and graphic project, optimize functionality, UI & UX.

App development

Mobile app development using programming languages defined in the technical document.

Goal: a first beta version development. Test and debugging process. Release of the mobile app final version.

App deploy

Mobile app distribution in the app marketplace.

Goal: app deploy. Download, installations and events monitoring.

Web Agency Services

Web development
Web e social content editing

Traffic Analysis
Keywords Monitoring

App development