Analysis and positioning, management and analysis of marketing campaigns.

We develop marketing strategies for your business.

Target market analysis

Analysis of the target market, selection of data that can be used for product decisions, distribution, advertising.
Overall evaluation of the business position in the market.

Goal: Understand your audience, which users are interested in the product or service you are offering.


Market segments evaluation to make decision about products, positioning and positioning in relation to the competition.

Goal: understand how the brand is positioned within the reference market.

Competitor analysis

Strengths and weaknesses compared to your potential competitors.
Business opportunities identification.
Monitoring and adjustment of marketing strategies.

Goal: identify the added value and identify yours unique value proposition for each products and services.

Goal definition strategy

Evaluation of marketing goals for the marketing plan definition.

Goal: Identification of measurable objectives in relation to the business strategy.

Content marketing

Design, distribution and publication of online content to increase online sales or brand awareness.

Goal: text writing and editing and visual content design to support the marketing strategy.

Brand Strategy

Develop a marketing strategy to increase the value of a product by increasing brand awareness.

Goal: definition of activities aimed at achieving the goals of the marketing strategy plan.

Monitoring & analysis

Checking goals achievement, conversion rate on the communication channels.

Goal: performance measurement and marketing strategies improvement.


Design, distribution and publication of online content to increase online sales or brand awareness.

Goal: increasing conversions on users who have already shown interest in the product or service.

Social media marketing

Production, management and analysis of social media promotional campaigns. We promote your business’s products and services.

Social media management

Design and implementation of communication strategies for social media channels.

Goal: improve brand awareness, brand identity and improve reputation as a perception about products and services quality.

Social media optimization

Design of original content optimized for use on social media platmforms.

Goal: bring visitors on the website, improving positioning, SEO and online reputation.

Social network advertising

Design, management and analysis of advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

Goal: reach more potential customers and increase conversions (sales of products or services).

Data analysis

Data analysis (Data Insights) of social media advertising campaigns.

Goal: evaluate the current social communication strategy and improve it.

Search engine marketing

Production, management and analysis of search engine marketing campaigns.

We can drive visitors traffic interested in your services to your website.


Search Engine Optimization: optimization of websites for search engines.

Goal: reach a higher number of potential customers through search engine searches and increase conversions (sales of products or services).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Design, management and analysis of advertising campaigns on search engines (keywords advertising, Google Ads).

Goal: appear at the top of the search results for certain search keys (for example: your products type).


Increased visibility among search engine results through the right mix of SEO and PPC campaigns.

Goal: appear in a position as favorable and relevant as possible in search result depending on the keywords used.

Link building

Increase the number of incoming links to a website.

Goal: increase the popularity of the site and positioning on search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Link building


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Social media optimization

Social network advertising

Content Marketing

ADV Campaign

Brand Strategy

Target Market Analysis & Positioning

Competitor analysis

Data Monitoring & Analysis

Strategic planning

Goal definition