Integrated marketing communications

How much is important to have a corporate image?

A lot. That’s why we design everything to let you speak a single language: the one of your brand.

Creating corporate identity


Your image describes who you are.

A restaurant that pays special attention to raw materials. A company aiming to technological innovation. A craftsman who creates handmade accessories with ethnic style. Whoever you are and whatever your business is, there is a right communication for you and an adequate graphics able to capture your customers.

We study the communication and create the graphics. We take care of signs, lettering, logos, colors, fonts that will make you recognizable and perfectly declare your identity.

Each item is designed and built keeping in mind ethics and business objectives, to strengthen your company and your products.

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Servizi - Ideazione packaging e magazine

Packaging and magazine


The container tells a story as much as the content. Did you ever think?

Packaging is the first form of presentation of your product to the customer. That’s why it must be physically able to anticipate your story and properly communicate what you do.

Packaging and magazine, from the graphic and design point of view, are the prelude to the content. Think simultaneously to an attractive wrapper for a text or a product means to properly communicate the care with which it carries out a project.

You tell us your story, we take care of the wrap.

Brochures and Catalogs


Your offline graphic communication.

The standard sizes for the presentation of their services or products must be designed in line with the communication that you have chosen.

Brochures and catalogs are classic vehicles that respond to specific needs of consultation. Still, if created in a rational fashion, they can also become an effective vehicle of your corporate image and contribute to the growth of your brand value.

In Loomen we package brochures and catalogs in line with your corporate image, to make recognizable both your brand and your philosophy.

Servizi - Ideazione brochure e cataloghi

Integrated marketing communications

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